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Surveys and your problems?

You are tired of asking people to do your surveys?
You wait for too long to get enough survey responses.
How to collect data effectively with budget constraints?
You concern about data quality and validity checking.

We have a solution!

More than 1 million active panelists

More than 1 million members of our panelist community from different sources:,, ... and 30+ Facebook groups in different fields such as: education, parents, foods and beverages, travel ... all over the country.

Data Validity Checking

AI and advanced machine learning techniques are applied to analyze, detect the noisy data from respondents. Users who gave low-quality responses would be warned, fined or even removed from the system in order to maintain a high quality standard of system.
Answering Time
The time required by respondents to read, think and answer highly depending on the question length and content. records the time respondents spend on each question and detect the abnormal behavior if she takes very short time to complete a complex question.
User behaviors captures information of user behaviors such as: answering time on each question, move forward / backward questions, clicks of picture choices so that the algorithm can evaluate if a given user behavior is natural or cheating.
Historical analysis maintains the history of user behaviors, survey responses and data quality. Our algorithm will double-check if the current answer is consistent with existing answers and behavior of recent history.
Random testing question
Panelists will receive a regular testing questions to evaluate the response quality over time. ensures to provide only high quality panelists to customers and remove out of system the panelists with low quality works.


The number of questions per survey
NOTE: We strongly recommend that a good survey must have at least 10 questions. We believe that a survey with less questions is not sufficient enough to provide the insight to customers.
The number of respondents
{{ surveyBudget() | number:0 }}
Total cost (VND)
Completed Date
{{ getTimeEstimation() }}
The number of questions
{{ numberOfQuestion }}
Cost per question
x {{ costPerQuestion | number:0 }} VND
The number of respondents
x {{ populationSize | number:0 }}
VAT (10%)
+ {{ surveyBudget() / 11 | number:0 }} VND
Respondents will receive part of the money after completing the survey in a quality way. The remain money will be used to create regular surveys to maintain the "active" community of panelist and evaluate the work quality of respondents. We also continuously filter the list of respondents with high quality resposnes and remove ones with low quality works. That is the main reason why you can receive the survey results in a time constraint, but high quality data.

Automatic Process

You have the full control of creating surveys, payments and receiving the results. We create a simple, powerful and automatic platform that helps you save time and increase the effectiveness of your market research works.The guideline of online payment is available here.