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Right decisions for your business?

What are the profiles of my potential customers? How to find them?
Why do the customers buy the products and services from my competitors, not mine?
Are your customers impressed by the advertisement content?
How to measure the loyalty of my customers?

We have the solution for you.

Right Pricing
Is your pricing model reasonable? Our experts will investigate and determine the right pricing model for your products.
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Concept & Product Test
Are the products attractive to your consumers? Do consumers realize the highlight features of the products? Are the selling messages appealing to the consumers? We will help you find the answers with data-driven approach.
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Purchase Decision
With the AI Machine Learning techniques, we can extract from data the insight of customer buying decisions to support the understanding and prediction of business situation so that business workflows could be re-organized in the optimal way.
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Advertising Approaches
Are the advertisement content effective to audiences? Is there any marketing channel better than iTVC for your products? What advertisement styles have strong impression on your customers?
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Brand Health Check
After product launch into market, it is very crucial to have regular check on your Brand Health. We will help measure the branding indicators, market changes and your competitors.
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Customer satisfaction
Are your customers satisfied with the products and quality? Will customers return? Do not let your customers leave without knowing the reasons. Our solution will help listen to your customer opinions and make alert so the problems could be known and fixed early in order to keep customers happy.
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We have finished projects.

Investigate the needs of English education in Cần Thơ city
The survey investigated the living standard of local people, proposed a reasonable pricing for the market and researched the decision factors of choosing English centers by parents.
Study the eWallet market
The research studied the user behavior, needs and pain points of eWallet users. Evaluate the market size of eWallet in Vietnam.
Market Research of Delivery Mobile App in Vietnam
Study the needs of using Mobile App for delivery. Research the market size. Evaluate the strengths, weaknesses of top 3 Mobile Apps in Vietnam.