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Surveys and your problems?

Surveys do not look professional enough to keep your customers attentions.
Looking for a good survey platform that provides effective ways of data collection and validation.
Need an easy integration of survey solution into your websites and business workflows.
Increase the user interactions in your websites in the form of questions and answers.

We have solution!

Many question types

Limit the number of answering options
Applied for:
Respondents should not be able to select more than X answering options or must select at least Y answering options in current question.
Shuffle the answers
Applied for:
The order of answering options will change randomly for each respondent in order to ensure the objectivity.
Customize picture size
Applied for:
Choose the right size of pictures to best-fit the survey.
Limit the time of answering
Applied for:
Respondents must complete the question within a given time. It is best for testing knowledge of respondents.

User interface customization

Your surveys are no longer boring. Our survey platform provides plenty of options that empower your creativity to make great impression on your customers.

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Conditional Branching Survey could solve the most complex requirement of "branching logic" survey. Let learn more about the sample conditional survey athomepageto experience! Seethe guideline of conditional survey at here

Report & Data Analysis

Survey report is updated in real-time. Analytical tools provides different options of filters, views and AI Machine Learning techniques which promotes the process of extracting insight patterns from data in an effortless manner.

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Video Survey

Exclusively at
Watch video and answer questions along the way. Users can watch an advertisement video and give feedback about it. This feature could be used forConcept testorinteractive video.
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0USD / month
50USD / month
Paid Plan
Number of surveysUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of questions per surveyUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of respondents per surveyUnlimitedUnlimited
5 types of questions
Conditional branching survey
Survey report
Export to Excel/SPSS
Sharing surveys to team
Analytical toolsLimit to 1 page of Advanced ReportUnlimited
Redirect link in Thank you page of survey
Video Survey
API integration

Integration & Partnership is the leading survey solution for through many years. We help increase 160% user comments and 40% user views in every article on daily basis by creating more interaction incentives in the form of questions and answers.
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Banian provides survey solution to collect user information via Wifi Marketing.